Hip Hop Head Identities & Song Clips

There are 5 identity traits among the Hip Hop Heads and 33 different song clips. There are a set of utility tiers determined by amount of investment, where each tier unlocks rewards by all lower tiers.


To claim rewards, join our Discord and verify your assets via #collabland-join then message @LouieCRhymes#6369 in the #HHH-GENERAL channel.

Tier list

Tier 1Collect 1 of each identity
Custom Vinyl Record
Tier 2Collect 2 of each identity
Hat Pin
+ Tier 1 Rewards
Tier 3Collect 3 of each identity
Identity-specific dad hat
Hip Hop Heads Hoodie
+ Tier 1 & 2 Rewards
Tier 4Collect All 10 Songs (33 song clips)
Lifetime access to all IRL concerts
IRL meet in up NYC
Non-Exclusive Commercial Rights Usage License to all 10 tracks
Handwritten letter from Louie
NFT Project and Smart Contract Consultation
+ Tier 1-3 Rewards


Commercial Rights
Token holders receive a non-exclusive commercial rights usage license for the songs they hold.

Read the commercial rights usage license here.
Ticket to Live Performance
Redeemable for a ticket to a live performance in a U.S. location voted on by the HHH community. Only 1 ticket per Ethereum address. Redeemable only after the collection sells out.
Voting Rights
Holders will vote on artists Louie should collaborate with, content included in future projects, logo designs, merch designs, HHH challenge winners, and more.
Physical Merch
Token holders will have exclusive access to Louie C Rhymes merch and apparel.
Unlockable Content
Holders can download the 10 song album via gated HHH holders only channel in my discord server.
Community Parties & Giveaways
Exclusive access to virtual & IRL performances at ILB.LAND and NFT giveaways.